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Thigh Lift

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Excess skin and fat can cause sagging and creeping on the inside of the upper leg. Sometimes it is enough to remove some fat by liposculpture but often this will create excessive skin that needs to be removed. The scar is in the inside fold of the upper leg at the hip and continues to the back in the fold of the buttock. It is normally very well hidden even in bathing costumes. It is anchored to the deeper layer of the leg and to the bone in the groin and that prevents unrolling.

The surgery

Thigh Lift

It is performed under a general anaesthetic and often combined with other procedures for example liposuction or abdominoplasty. It is important afterwards to keep the area clean. You will have some surgical drains coming out of the wound removing excess fluid. Pain is moderate and can easily be controlled by injections while in hospital and by oral medication once you are discharged home. It may be uncomfortable to walk for the first few days.


Bruising and swelling is moderate. Infection is a possibility but you will be provided with some antibiotics to prevent infection. Meticulous hygiene of the area is very important. The scar normally heals well and is hardly visible. Some collection of fluid from a ruptured blood vessel may need drainage.

After the surgery

Sutures are removed 10-12 days after the surgery. You will be able to freely move around at that stage but will probably require a further 2-4 week period before being able to do strenuous exercise.  It is unlikely that this problem will recur unless you gain or loose excessive amounts of weight.

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