Mr A. O. Grobbelaar  MBChB  MMed(Plast)  FCS(SA)(Plast)  FRCS(Plast)

Fat Transfer - Lipostructure



Transplanting fat from one part of the body to augment the soft tissues in another part has been done for a long time. However recently a technique has been described to transfer the fat in a more careful way (lipostructure) so that a larger percentage of the fat will survive. It can be used for lip enhancement, nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds), or any other area suffering from lack of soft tissue.

The surgery

Depending on the area involved it can be done under local anaesthetic. You do not have to stay in the hospital. Fat is taken from an area like your tummy or thighs through two or three small incisions. It is then injected in a multi-layer technique to improve contour. Small incisions have to be made once again to inject the fat in the appropriate area. A certain amount of overcorrecting will be necessary as only around 60% of the fat survive. A small dressing will cover the incision lines.


Depending on fat survival you may need to repeat the procedure. The small scars from the incisions normally fade after a time and blend in with the rest of the skin. Due to the multi-layer technique lumpiness is not common but may occur. Swelling and bruising can last from a few days to 10 days depending on the area. To reduce the risk of infection you will be given a suitable antibiotic.

After the surgery

Fat surviving at three months can be considered permanent. The sutures will be removed after 7 days. Depending on the area involved and the amount of swelling and bruising you may wish to avoid social contact for the first 5-7 days.

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