Mr A. O. Grobbelaar  MBChB  MMed(Plast)  FCS(SA)(Plast)  FRCS(Plast)

Chin Implant



It is always important to judge the chin in relation to the rest of the face. Only by looking at the whole face especially the forehead, nose and upper jaw can the chin be assessed. An assessment of the relationship between the upper and lower teeth also important.

A chin implant can improve the appearance in certain cases but sometimes it may be better to move a part of the jawbone forward. The implant can be made from a variety of materials and is normally anatomically shaped to fit the lower jaw without producing a step.

The surgery

An incision is normally made under a general anaesthetic in the inside of the mouth between the teeth and the lower lip and a pocket created to fit the implant. It can be performed as a day case. Pain is moderate and can be adequately controlled by oral medication.


Infection is a small possibility and you will be proved with antibiotics for a few days to prevent this. You will have small soft stitches on the inside of the mouth and oral hygiene is important to prevent infection. The lower lip may be numb for a short period but will normally recover. The implant may move but the possibility becomes less as time goes on. Swelling and bruising are normally minimal.

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